Phenomenal Places to Stay in San Francisco

When you are young and traveling, you want the best that your preferred destination can offer. Besides having the opportunity to rent a luxury vehicle, you are keen on finding a clean and fun-filled place to stay. In any case, who wants to associate with anything that brings boredom when traveling around the world – and more so when we are talking about San Francisco? In this article, you get to learn about six exotic hotels in San Francisco, where you can stay during your visit.

Before we proceed to the actual stuff, let us look at various factors that one should consider when choosing a hotel to stay. They include:
I. If you plan to rent a luxury car, pay attention to the availability of parking at your preferred hotel. Does the hotel have a parking space? If no, is there a parking lot in a nearby area? How deep will you be required to dig into your pocket?
II. What amenities are you interested in? Are they available in your hotel of choice? Some of the amenities that you might require include a gym, a restaurant, minibar or even a spa. Basically, find out about everything that the hotel has to offer before making the final decision.
III. Does the hotel have WIFI? Is it free or is there a charge?
IV. Make sure you have read reviews and testimonials of previous customers. It helps you establish the kind of reputation that the hotel enjoys.
V. Is the hotel within your budget?
Extraordinary Places to Stay in San Francisco

Hotel Herbert

A perfect definition of a home away from home, Hotel Herbert is warm, welcoming as well as characterful. Any adventurous traveler will be glad to stay in this very popular and highly rated hotel which originally operated as a clubhouse at the time of its inception in 1909. If your budget is low to moderate, Hotel Herbert is the place to be. Price ranges from $60 per night.

The Good Hotel

If based on your budget, you have been thinking of staying in a hostel or guesthouse, you need to ditch that idea like yesterday! The Good Hotel is located in the South of Market district, one block from the Civic Center BART station – and in turn giving you an instant connection with the entire city. Besides being eco-friendly, this exotic hotel is stylish, fun and the furniture will keep you feeling relaxed the whole time. You will be required to chunk $70 per night.

Omni San Francisco Hotel

Newlyweds and love birds need not look any further than Omni San Francisco hotel. You will immediately fall in love with its classic elegance in all aspects. The hotel doesn’t miss an opportunity to bill itself as one of the most beautiful San Francisco’s downtown hotels.

Four Seasons Hotel

Even though it is one of the most costly hotels in San Francisco, Four Seasons Hotel still attracts a multitude of guests all year round. Blame this on its fantastic location, indulgent luxuries, and the romantic feel associated with the hotel.


How about having the opportunity to chill out and have an intimate conversation with your partner in a dimly lit and romantic bar? If your idea of a good hotel is a place that effortlessly delivers hip scene and a sexy vibe, Clift is well within your reach. As one of the trendiest hotels in San Francisco, Clift has its restaurant where you can have a feel of a wide array of Asian-Latin fusion dishes.


This is a perfect place for a couple in search of a romantic gateway. Picture a deluxe facility, a one of a kind flair, and a fantastic location. Doesn’t it sound irresistible?
The beauty of these hotels is that they are conveniently located and therefore easy to access. Whether you wish to rent a luxury vehicle or use other private means, you will have no trouble locating them.