Phenomenal Places to Stay in San Francisco

When you are young and traveling, you want the best that your preferred destination can offer. Besides having the opportunity to rent a luxury vehicle, you are keen on finding a clean and fun-filled place to stay. In any case, who wants to associate with anything that brings boredom when traveling around the world – and more so when we are talking about San Francisco? In this article, you get to learn about six exotic hotels in San Francisco, where you can stay during your visit.

Before we proceed to the actual stuff, let us look at various factors that one should consider when choosing a hotel to stay. They include:
I. If you plan to rent a luxury car, pay attention to the availability of parking at your preferred hotel. Does the hotel have a parking space? If no, is there a parking lot in a nearby area? How deep will you be required to dig into your pocket?
II. What amenities are you interested in? Are they available in your hotel of choice? Some of the amenities that you might require include a gym, a restaurant, minibar or even a spa. Basically, find out about everything that the hotel has to offer before making the final decision.
III. Does the hotel have WIFI? Is it free or is there a charge?
IV. Make sure you have read reviews and testimonials of previous customers. It helps you establish the kind of reputation that the hotel enjoys.
V. Is the hotel within your budget?
Extraordinary Places to Stay in San Francisco

Hotel Herbert

A perfect definition of a home away from home, Hotel Herbert is warm, welcoming as well as characterful. Any adventurous traveler will be glad to stay in this very popular and highly rated hotel which originally operated as a clubhouse at the time of its inception in 1909. If your budget is low to moderate, Hotel Herbert is the place to be. Price ranges from $60 per night.

The Good Hotel

If based on your budget, you have been thinking of staying in a hostel or guesthouse, you need to ditch that idea like yesterday! The Good Hotel is located in the South of Market district, one block from the Civic Center BART station – and in turn giving you an instant connection with the entire city. Besides being eco-friendly, this exotic hotel is stylish, fun and the furniture will keep you feeling relaxed the whole time. You will be required to chunk $70 per night.

Omni San Francisco Hotel

Newlyweds and love birds need not look any further than Omni San Francisco hotel. You will immediately fall in love with its classic elegance in all aspects. The hotel doesn’t miss an opportunity to bill itself as one of the most beautiful San Francisco’s downtown hotels.

Four Seasons Hotel

Even though it is one of the most costly hotels in San Francisco, Four Seasons Hotel still attracts a multitude of guests all year round. Blame this on its fantastic location, indulgent luxuries, and the romantic feel associated with the hotel.


How about having the opportunity to chill out and have an intimate conversation with your partner in a dimly lit and romantic bar? If your idea of a good hotel is a place that effortlessly delivers hip scene and a sexy vibe, Clift is well within your reach. As one of the trendiest hotels in San Francisco, Clift has its restaurant where you can have a feel of a wide array of Asian-Latin fusion dishes.


This is a perfect place for a couple in search of a romantic gateway. Picture a deluxe facility, a one of a kind flair, and a fantastic location. Doesn’t it sound irresistible?
The beauty of these hotels is that they are conveniently located and therefore easy to access. Whether you wish to rent a luxury vehicle or use other private means, you will have no trouble locating them.

5 Places You Can’t Afford To Miss In San Francisco

Visiting or living in San Francisco provides many opportunities when it comes to things to do. You can visit a lot of piers, parks, and museums in the city. With everything that the city can offer, you need enterprise car rental sfo to ensure you don’t miss out on the place. In this piece, I will share with you five best places that you should consider on your must-visit list.

1. Union Square

If you like shopping, Union Square is the best place to be. This is one of the most fantastic shopping areas. Union square boasts of having the most fantastic features like a huge central square, with four entry corners decorated with magnificent palms and pavilions of cafes with outdoor seating. It is a great attraction that gives you the opportunity to meet new people, to shop, and see shows. It is also worth visiting several art galleries.

2. Chinatown

Chinatown is home to the largest Asian population outside of China and is located near North Beach, bordering on Grant Avenue and Bush Street, Broadway and Larkin Street. Here you will find shopping and great food, including Mee Mee Bakery in 1328 Stockton between Broadway and Vallejo. Mee Mee is considered the creator of the fortune cookie. For great seafood, one of your best bets would be Yuet Lee on 1300 Stockton Street, near where North Beach and Chinatown connect.

3. Alcatraz Island

Once a federal prison with maximum security, it is now part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Alcatraz is an island located a few kilometers from the San Francisco coast, which was used as a military prison in 1907 and then as a federal prison in the 1930s, where the most hardened criminals reside. In 1973, Alcatraz was included in the system of national parks and became a tourist attraction. Since then, over 14 million visitors have taken a 10-minute boat ride from Pier 41 in San Francisco to see “The Rock.” Tickets usually sell, sometimes a week in advance.

4. Lafayette Park

Again a natural attraction, which is one of the city’s moats, the most beautiful gardens at the top of the hill, this park is filled with eucalyptus trees, which is also a green pine haven. Previously it was used by squatters, and there are still a few houses from 1936, which were initially built by squatters. You have to go from Californian street, straight onto Octavia street, to reach Lafayette Park.

5. Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park is just amazing. You can easily spend the whole day at Golden Gate Park. You can go there and enjoy a peaceful walk in the arms of natural and picturesque beauty or sit back and have fun all day long. However, if you like to explore, there is indeed a lot to discover, such as the Arboretum Strybing, redwoods, seventy acres of gardens with routes, herbs, flowers, blooming trees, and duck ponds.


These are the inevitable parts of San Francisco. The only thing you need to know when planning a trip to San Francisco is that a single day or two are not enough to make the most of this city. So you have to create a plan to comfortably and conveniently visit the places with no hurry. That’s why you need an exotic car rental to guarantee your visit to the selected destinations.

Pleasing Your Ego: luxury Resorts in USA


There is nothing relaxing and enjoyable than having fun, relaxing especially as a family or young people who are in love. USA has plenty and wonderful all-inclusive resorts for both romance and vacation. You should not worry about how will visit these resorts sitting on large areas as there are luxury car rental as well for use.

There is a variety of options you choose from depending on the amenities/packages you might be looking for. Below is a list of just some of these luxurious resorts and what they offers.


7 Best Luxurious Resorts in USA

  1. Twin Farm

Set up in the beginning of 19th century, this beautiful, sophisticated and all-inclusive property has been in existence. Furnishing of the rooms are inspired by Moroccan, Japanese and Tuscan styles having separate fireplaces and sitting areas, while in certain rooms the private cottage and suites have got stone hot tubs.

The amenities within the property include gym, steam rooms and event space.


  1. Winvian

This elegant and romantic resort is quite isolated but expect modern comforts in plenty. Each unit in the resort has massive bathrooms suitable for young lovers, a fireplace and other uniquely interesting elements. Both the restaurant and spa are top-notch while the secluded location makes it one of the perfect place for one to relax, get time from daily life and unwind.


  1. Blackberry Farm

It is located on a 4,200-acre farm. The resort has a farm-to-table restaurant which is counted as one of the best within the state for fresh dining.

It offers activities such as archery, horseback riding and much more.

  1. Club Med Sandpiper Bay

Located in Port St. Lucie in Florida, Club Med is well known all over the world for its luxurious resort. The resort has palm trees, lush jungle vergetation and a warm breeze.

It has put into consideration children ranging from 4 months and have them within the program unlike the normal standard of 4 years which therefore is an attractive features for those looking forward to travelling together with very young children.

It offers activities such as yoga, swimming pools,circus training and much more.

  1. Grand Hotel

Located on Straits of Mackainac, the charming resort on an island is majorly known for colonial and Victorian era vibe. The front porch of the hotel is large, it is thought to be the longest in the world which is perfect when you want to look out over Straits of Mackinac.

The rooms are elegant having modern amenities.

  1. Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe

It is a lake front resort lying on Lake Tahoe near Diamond Peak Ski Resort and Incline Village championship golf-course with views of the beautiful lake Tahoe and surrounding forest clear from the rooms.

The resort has a casino, private beach, kids club and lagoon-style pool for swimming.

  1. RedMountain Resort

The resort is specialized in unique vacation packages and retreat experience. The retreats include workout classes, spa treatment, adventurous trip that goes through Zion National Park or Red Mountain and many more activities.

There is three daily meals and a luxury accommodation that is within each retreat package.


The above discussed are just but a few of many options of luxurious resorts you can visit when you want some time off or to relax. The tips above can guide you on the resort to visit that will leave you rejuvenated.

In case you were looking forward to having some fun in the USA, at least you now have an idea of which resort to visit for fun.

5 Top Most Beautiful Hotels in USA

The United States has never been afraid to do everything, and hotels are no exception. In America, there are some of the largest and most elegant boutique hotels in the world.

Your budget determines how long you will stay in a particular country. And if it is a country as big as the USA, which asks for good spending, the budget becomes even more important. Cheap hotels in the USA are an excellent solution for budgeting – at least they do not cause an imbalance in the cost of living.

The underr 25 car rental services are very important in enhancing travels from these hotels. Go to the American style and fly from state to state to check the sheets of soft and tasty romantic restaurants from these first-class hotels.

Hotel Burnham, Chicago

Because the windmill gangster paradise was the center of modern culture and decadent splendor. The exclusive Burnham Hotel perfectly reflects the atmosphere of Chicago. This boutique hotel is located in one of the most famous monuments in Reliance, on State Street, 105 years old. It has everything for guests: from personal service to rich fabrics and exciting city views from dramatic golf windows.

Ranch Calistoga, Napa, California

A playground for rich and famous Californian landscapes, peace and very beautiful vineyards. The Calistoga farm is located in the woods on the west coast, in the heart of the Napa Valley. This relaxing escape from the buffet combines the charm of California with luxurious amenities; Stand out with rustic charm in a restaurant combined with world-class wines. However, outstanding monuments are a natural, wonderful spa in the open air.

Viceroy, Palm Springs

Located in another notorious California side, Viceroy Palm Springs adopts a desert urban style. Holidays in Palm Springs are not just relaxation – it’s an institution among Hollywood regalists. Far from the main street in Palm Springs, the viceroy adds peace and quiet to the splendor of a movie star. Come to the smiling staff and discreet luxury – it is a pleasant oasis amid the hot desert.

Soho House, New York

The metropolis is becoming more and more important than New York – and the city star, of course, is Soho House. Exclusivity is also fabulously eccentric like New York – expect to treat strange minibars and cell phones are forbidden in the member clubs downstairs, so as not to be disturbed by many famous people who were entertained there,

Hotel Maison de Ville, New Orleans

Despite the tragedy of the hurricane a bit in the shadow of his magnificent city, the lively feet of New Orleans has become again and the joyful sounds of jazz. This famous house is the most luxurious hotel in the French Quarter. Bistro Restaurant is a unique attraction.

The above are some of the most romantic hotels which you should make a visit to in the USA. These hotels are classic and offer a variety of services which you can choose from. In order to explore these hotels, you will need the underr 25 car rental for travel services.

Exotic Cars to Choose for Your Winter Trip

It is the holiday season and yes that means family and festivities, but for some, it also means winter is coming! If you are a family that likes to plan trips to warmer destinations or has a vehicle that is sturdy enough to navigate through the snow, then you should also consider an exotic rental car thats better suited to the winter or warmer climate.

Renting an exotic car is a wise choice as it is not a longterm investment and you can drive the vehicle you have always dreamed of. So check out these cars that may be perfect for your next winter trip.

Exotic SUVs

Families often look to SUVs like the perfect vehicle to meet space and other requirements that may be important. However, choosing an SUV for rent this winter does not mean that you cant get an SUV thats exotic.

Range Rover has a variety of SUVs like the Evoque that is both functional and has the exotic look and feel. These vehicles are able to stand firm in any terrain whether your trip takes you through the snow or to a warmer climate.
Bentley may also have an SUV that is to your liking with allwheeldrive and leather interior which may be the perfect vehicle to withstand the snow and the family messes that may occur so far.
BMWs have very exotic cars and they also have SUVs that you may want to choose from. They are snow friendly and lightweight which will help to offset the snow.
Mercedes Benz makes an offroad SUV, the Gclass, which is also good through the snow but has that outdoors vehicle exotic look and feel. It is the perfect blend of family and fun.

Exotic Sports Cars

If you are a smaller family or you are traveling to a warmer climate, you can rent something more relaxed and warmer like a sports car. Sports cars are not often associated with families, however, the game has changed and there are exotic fourdoor sports cars that are built with family in mind. These include vehicles like as listed here:

1. Volkswagen Golf,
2. Honda Civic Rtype,
3. Ford Focus RS,
4. Subaru WRX and the
5. Ford Fiesta ST.

These are just a few of the sports vehicle you can consider for your travels. Keep in mind that not just because its winter you cant drive a sports car. Some sports cars were created to withstand all types of weather. Therefore you can be brave with your exotic car rental choices.
The perfect winter trip this season involves you and your family trying something new and a great way to do this by renting an exotic car.

So this and other winters when you take a family trip domestically or internationally and are thinking of renting a car that is nothing like you are used to, be sure to weigh your options so far. Choose an exotic car that caters to you and your familys unique needs and style.