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David’s Film “An Interview With God” Released to Home Video

David’s Film “An Interview With God” Released to Home Video

There is a review on David’s film AN INTERVIEW WITH GOD where he plays a mysterious man by the name of ‘The Man’.

New-Release Tuesday: An Interview with God

Dec 10, 2019 | Arts/Entertainment

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I confess that I am a sucker for anything starring David Strathairn.

If your reaction to that is, “Who?” then you really should see some David Strathairn films. They are almost always small, thoughtful projects. Probably the most high-profile thing he has ever done is star opposite Meryl Streep and Kevin Bacon in River Wild, and he looked pretty out of place in a Big Hollywood Thriller.

I also confess that I am a sucker for films with a theological bent. That’s natural, because I am a film critic who also happens to be a pastor.

But having spent a decade “servicing” the “Christian Film industry” as part of my editorial responsibilities, I also have a tremendously sensitive B.S. meter. That is, I can smell an “evangelical” film a mile away–you know, one of those holier-than-thou “I have the answers and you don’t, ha ha ha” lectures that are not really films at all but smug propaganda designed to guilt people into a loving relationship with Jesus. As if.

Well, An Interview with God is not one of those. And you really can’t know that until you see it. (And isn’t that a potent metaphor for faith?)

The trailer pretty much tells you all you need to know going in. A battlefront journalist sets up a short series of interviews with a man purporting to be God… and there are only so many places a story like this could go. Primarily: is this dude really God, or is this a put-on? Or a hallucination? The options narrow when you get an actor like Strathairn involved, and once you label the film “thoughtful.”

So… the film is thoughtful. It is sincere, and while it does not grapple with theology on the level of, say, Christopher Hitchens or Thomas Merton, the rubber does hit the road. Anybody who has devoted any amount of energy in the Big Questions of God and “purpose” or “meaning” will be on familiar ground with this film.

Both Strathairn and young Brenton Thwaites (who also has a solid industry resume behind him) do solid, interesting work here. The script and direction by indie filmmakers Ken Aguado and Perry Lang never stray into maudlin or ostentatious territory. All around, it’s clear that this is a project of passion–that all parties involved are seriously interested in the human condition and the implications of metaphysical inquiry.

If you are cruising around Netflix and wondering whether this is worth your time, all I can say is… go ahead and crank up your brain and your B.S. meter and settle in. As long as you aren’t expecting car crashes, Dwayne Johnson, Chris Rock, or Transformers, I think you’ll be glad you watched. It won’t answer any questions for you, and it doesn’t try to; but it will re-engage you with your questions in a meaningful and worthwhile way.

An Interview with God is included with your Netflix subscription. You can also find it at the other usual streaming sites for a small fee.


David’s “Fast Color” Coming To Amazon Prime This Week

David’s “Fast Color” Coming To Amazon Prime This Week

David has a film coming to Amazon Prime this week. It’s called FAST COLOR and he plays the part of Ellis, the sheriff of a small town. The film actually sounds a lot like ALPHAS with a woman with ‘special skills’ is on the run. Here’s more below plus a trailer.

Fast Color (2018)
Director: Julia Hart
Starring: Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Lorraine Toussaint, Saniyya Sidney, Christopher Denham, and David Strathairn
Release Date: Dec. 11

If you like superhero movies but you want a break from DC and Marvel, you should consider checking out Fast Color. Gugu Mbatha-Raw stars as a woman with supernatural abilities.

Her gift makes her a target for scientists and government officials who desire to test her and use her abilities for their own means. She’s forced on the run and on her journey meets several interesting people along the way.

“The Expanse” Season Four Official Trailer

“The Expanse” Season Four Official Trailer

This trailer came out a while ago while I was getting the site up and running. My apologies for its lateness. It seems David will be back as Klaes Ashford in the final season of THE EXPANSE. You’ll see him very briefly. The show returns December 13, 2019 on Amazon Prime.

“The Sopranos” Season Five Media

“The Sopranos” Season Five Media

David guest starred in three episodes from THE SOPRANOS fifth season as Robert Wegler, a teacher/counselor at Tony Jr.’s (Robert Iler) school. In his arc David appeared mainly with Carmela (Edie Falco) and largely most of the time naked. And excellent turn from David and enjoyable to watch.

“The Firm” Screencaps

“The Firm” Screencaps

Here are the screencaps from David’s performance as Ray McDeere in the late Sydney Pollack’s film THE FIRM also starring Tom Cruise, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Gene Hackman, Ed Harris, and Holly Hunter. This is one of my favourite roles of David’s. I love the quirky relationship with Holly Hunter who plays Tammy. The scene at the end with her and David on the dock is too cute. And David’s delivery is perfect.