16 September, 2016
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It might come as no surprise that I’ve put together a site on David’s ALPHAS co-star Warren Christie (Cameron Hicks). Like my Laura Mennell, I thought Warren deserved one. He’s a solid actor and he’s impressed me with his work both on ALPHAS as well as the other things I’ve seen him in. So please if you’re a fan of Warren’s consider visiting the site. To do so click on the banner below.


 10 September, 2016
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I found a wonderful interview with David and his longtime friend/collaborator John Sayles on the PBS show Charlie Rose from back in 1999. Here David and John discuss their latest film LIMBO where David played the part of “Jumpin” Joe Gastineau, and the benefits of working together for so long. The other films David and Sayles did together include EIGHT MEN OUT where he played the part of Eddie Cicotte, the pitcher of the infamous 1919 Black Sox scandal in baseball, MATEWAN where David played Sid Hatfield, PASSION FISH playing Rennie, BROTHER FROM ANOTHER PLANET playing a Man in Black, RETURN OF THE SECAUCUS SEVEN playing Ron, and CITY OF HOPE playing Asteroid. Please enjoy and comment if you like.

 09 September, 2016
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I have David’s guest-starring role as Nash in the sixth season episode of the series HOUSE. Here David’s character was suffering from a terminal disease of the heart. The episode is pretty good as it pits David (always at his best) against Hugh Laurie as Dr. House. The episode was also the directorial debut for star Laurie.

 07 September, 2016
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With David’s work in THE BLACKLIST done, I’m about to start working on his two seasons on the Syfy show ALPHAS where he played the part of Dr. Lee Rosen. This might take me some time to do since I also have a site for his co-star in the series, Laura Mennell who played the part of the pusher Nina Theroux. I’ll be doing double duty and I also might be considering a site for their co-star Warren Christie who played the part of Cameron Hicks, the hyperkinetic. Please be patient. I’m also going to try to get David’s event images sorted, titled and into the gallery. I might intersperse his television work with some of his one-shot guest appearances, as well some of his films where he played a lesser part.

 07 September, 2016
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I have David’s episodes from seasons two and three where David played the part of The Director Peter Kotsiopulos. David met a rather ignominious end I would say.

 02 September, 2016
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David was in the Gareth Edwards 2014 American-made GODZILLA film starring Bryan Cranston, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and Elizabeth Olsen. He played the part of Admiral William Stenz, part of the constantly present military side that in the old Toho films trying to take out the big green titular anti-hero. Having been a big fan of the original Showa/Heisei/Millennium series, I was a bit doubtful as to whether this film was worthy of the name. I did like the 1998 Matthew Broderick film (though I know a lot of people don’t like it) but the one thing about this film that made it reasonable was David’s always present gravitas. I wasn’t that thrilled by the amount of screen time Godzilla didn’t have. It seemed Edwards and Legendary Pictures didn’t want us to get a good look at the big guy, and only utilized him in almost a sixteenth of the film considering the over three quarters the original Toho Series Godzilla often received. I know it’s a little sacrosanct to state something negative on a fansite, but again having been a fan of the original series since my first film back in 1969, I feel I have the amount of gravitas of my own to state that. However, considering the amount of screen time David didn’t have, I have to say that he brought his A-Game as usual.

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