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“Alphas” Season 02

ALPHAS: 2011 — Season 02 (24 Episodes)

Laura Mennell plays the pusher Nina Theroux on the Syfy series 'Alphas'. “ALPHAS”
Role: Dr. Lee Rosen
Created by: Zak Penn & Michael Karnow
Network: SyFy
Series Debut: 11 July 2011
Genre(s): Science-Fiction / Action / Drama / Thriller
Tagline: Impossible is what they do best

Episodes Season 02

23 July 2012 E2X01 – Wake Up Call INFORMATION
30 July 2012 E2X02 – The Quick & The Dead INFORMATION
06 August 2012 E2X03 – Alpha Dogs INFORMATION
13 August 2012 E2X04 – When Push Comes To Shove INFORMATION
20 August 2012 E2X05 – Gaslight INFORMATION
27 August 2012 E2X06 – Alphaville INFORMATION
10 September 2012 E2X07 – Gods & Monsters INFORMATION
17 September 2012 E2X08 – Falling INFORMATION
24 September 2012 E2X09 – The Devil Will Drag You Down INFORMATION
01 October 2012 E2X10 – Life After Death INFORMATION
08 October 2012 E2X11 – If Memory Serves INFORMATION
15 October 2012 E2X12 – Need To Know INFORMATION
22 October 2012 E2X13 – God’s Eye INFORMATION

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